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5 Effective Methods For Shredding Fat

by s4s4 on September 9, 2015, no comments

The best way to lose overall body fat, is to exercise your body, all over. There really is no other way to achieve this goal. You may hear promises about super pills or diets that will shed pounds off of you in a matter of days. But, deep down we know that anything that is worth doing is worth doing right. This applies to fitness too.

The five methods described below are effective because they really work, but it will require work on your part. You can’t sit at home or office and hope for a miracle pill that does it all for you.

Why Build Muscle When I Just Want To Lose Weight?

Some women that are trying to lose weight, think that building muscle at the gym will bulk them up, and not help them lose weight. This concern could not be farther from the real truth. By building muscle you actually get your metabolism in high gear and you can continue to burn calories for up to two days after the workout. But, if you want to develop super lean muscle mass you should look for legal dianabol for sale online.

Women will not bulk up if they workout, in fact they will start toning up while looking and feeling better and becoming thinner. Fitness experts also say that a big portion of your workout success is paying attention to your diet, over 60 percent, of building muscle and losing weight, is your diet, focus on good lean protein and low carbs to make your workout count.

  1. Walking

Walking is one of the best overall body exercises, it is not too strenuous, is easy to get started and is great for socializing. Many studies done on the benefits of walking state that, for weight loss goals, walking is better for you than is running.

The best advice is, to keep up a pace that is a little difficult to talk while doing.

  1. Running

If walking is too tame for you and your goals, running is always a great full body exercise. There are no gym fees and not much equipment to buy. You can run just about anywhere, even on vacation or while away on business.

It is proven to help you get rid of stubborn fat, and boost your metabolism. The only caution is that it can be hard on your knees, go slow at first no marathon running until your fitness level is increased. The experts say you should concentrate on increasing your distance long before worrying about your speed.

  1. Cycling


Riding a bike is not only fun, it is great for cardio and is a good allover body exercise. If you need motivation, cycling can be competitive. If you are goal oriented, challenge yourself by making small goals, remember if you have fun at exercising, it is still exercise. Riding a bike is also considered to be better for your joints than is running.

  1. Swimming

Swimming is one of the best full body workouts that is low impact. It may seem like an older persons exercise, but you really burn though the calories. Consider this, you burn more calories swimming than you do running, weight training, cycling or aerobic exercising. And all without breaking a sweat.

It is also a great way to stay fit if you are coping with an injury or if you are rehabilitating. The no impact on your joints and bones is a very important consideration if you deal with pain of the joints.

  1. Dancing

dancingFor those that hate going to the gym or running, there is always dancing. Many may not think of dancing as an exercise, however, it is a great workout for your body and is good cardio. Just because it isn’t boring doesn’t mean it is not exercising.

There are so many choices now for dancing, that you can be sure you will find one that is a good fit for you. These include the new Zumba that uses the sexy Latin style music to get you moving and sculpting the body. Find a belly dancing class or a Bollywood fitness class, there is ballroom dancing and hip hop, truly something for everyone.

How Important Is My Diet When Exercising?

Over 60 percent of your success, for losing weight when exercising, is in what you eat. You must take in the correct amount of calories for you to lose weight. Too many calories and you will see no weight loss, however, too few calories will not allow your body to build lean muscle.

The basic calculation for calorie intake is 10 to 15 times your weight, this is the number to consume every day. Remember stay away from processes foods, they are high in additives and contain fats, salts and synthetic sweeteners. Some studies say that your body doesn’t even recognize these foods as a food. So eat smart, fresh and healthy.